About Your Dentist

Laura L. Trombly, DDS

"I treat people, not teeth."

"I know that I cannot make this procedure a pleasant experience. But my goal is to make it as least unpleasant as possible."

My Mission

I like to take the time to get to know my patient, and what makes "them tick". What are their hot buttons? What do they consider obstacles to getting their recommended treatment plan done? And then, dismantling these obstacles as much as is possible. I am very down to earth with my patients, and really strive to establish a connection with them. It is a much happier relationship if the patient feels like you really care about their wellbeing. I also like to be realistic and set expectations with patients so that there are no surprises. I can be quite goofy chairside and enjoy it when I can make the patient laugh, even when they are getting a root canal or extraction done. I have many expressions and sayings; these are known by team members as "Tromblyisms".


University of Michigan School of Dentistry at Ann Arbor, MI

Bachelor of Science Biology
Madonna College at Livonia, MI


Minor in Chemistry
Invisalign Certified

Continuing Education

I am very well-seasoned in endodontics. Molars are done routinely; crown or bridge is also prepped same day. I also do retreats. Rarely, refer out full-mouth rehab, opening vertical dimension. Yes, I have experience with this. With my 7 years of experience at Aspen Dental, I have become quite proficient at oral surgery. Most extractions, tori removals, soft tissue removals, completely evaluating someone and inserting dentures.

Life & Hobbies

Pets, pets and more pets! I love animals. I have a Doberman, 2 Siamese cats, 2 parrots, a bearded dragon and saltwater tank with fish and corals. Gardening. Get to the gym regularly, running and lifting weights.